Helical Gear Reducer R Series

Excellent ratio of performance and space requirements, its parts are modular design, can connect R series reducer with AC motor, or connect with servo motor.

• Comprehensive product 6 models of single-stage reducers and 14 models of 2-stage and 3-stage reducers provide fine classification of torque value and transmission ratio, rated torque from 50 Nm to 18 000 Nm,

Single stage: R51 to R101
2nd/3rd stage: R..37 to R..187

Installation method - foot mounted or flange installation
-B5 or B14 flange mounting
-Solid shaft or hollow shaft
-Hollow shaft with keyway connection, shrink disk, splined hollow shaft

Introducing Helical Gear Reducers from PEIGONG! Our experts have created a high-quality product to help tackle challenging applications in the industry.

Our Helical Gear Reducers are specifically designed to be durable, dependable, and reliable. Constructed of heavy-duty steel, they are designed to provide exceptional performance, resulting in improved torque capacity and efficiency. Built to withstand the toughest environments, these gear reducers are perfect for any production environment.

At PEIGONG, we understand that each gear reducer must be tailored to specific applications. That’s why we offer custom configurations – from the number of stages, shaft mount style, single or double output shafts to ratios, and more – to meet the needs of your specific application. Our team provides expert advice and deft guidance to ensure that all aspects are considered when selecting the right gear reducer for you.

Our dedicated support team is here to ensure that you have the help and support you need for your application. Our fast turnaround times and competitive prices help to provide maximum value. Visit https://www.taiwan-drive.com/en-US today to learn more about our full range of Helical Gear Reducers and get your project up and running!

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