Helical Gear Reducer F Series

The shape design of the parallel shaft reducer is simple, and its parts are modularized. The F series reducer can be connected with an AC motor or a servo motor.

• Space requirements are limited and concise.
• Excellent performance, 11 models are available, and the torque output of low backlash design can also reach 130 Nm to 18,000 Nm, we provide 11 specifications are available

Sizes F..37 to F..157

Installation method - foot mounted or flange installation
-B5 or B14 flange mounting
-Solid shaft or hollow shaft
-Hollow shaft with keyway connection, shrink disk, splined hollow shaft

Introducing the Helical Gear Reducer from PEIGONG – the premier manufacturer of gear reducers in Taiwan. From our reliable assembly line to your business, the helical gear reducer puts your needs first, providing optimal power transmission and smooth operation with maximum efficiency. We don't skimp on quality – the helical gear reducer is built to last with its hardened steel gear construction, and is designed to accommodate large motor output torque capacities. Whether your needs are industrial or commercial, our helical gear reducer has you covered.

With its leading edge industrial strength and superior performance, the helical gear reducer is the perfect addition to any business. Its high reduction ratio and low noise output helps increase overall energy efficiency and productivity. And, to make sure you can get your machinery to run faster and smoother, PEIGONG's helical gear reducer machines are customizable with a range of speed ratios, sizes, and mounting options. You can take advantage of our user-friendly, intuitive web-based configuration system to customize the items for your needs.

At PEIGONG, our goal is to satisfy our customers – not just today, but with every machine purchase. Our quality guarantee is your proof that what you get is of the highest caliber. With top-notch customer service, competitive pricing, and reliable delivery, we will make sure that your helical gear reducer meets your expectations and beyond. Visit our website, https://www.taiwan-drive.com/en-US to find out more!

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