In the paper industry, gear reducers and gearboxes play a crucial role in regulating the speed and torque of various machines. They are used to slow down the high-speed motor's output to a slower speed with more torque. This is particularly important in the paper industry where different processes need varying speeds and torques for optimal efficiency and precision.

PEIGONG offers a range of gear reducers and gearboxes designed to meet the specific needs of the paper industry. These products are engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of paper manufacturing facilities, including high loads, continuous operation, and harsh environments.

PEIGONG's gear reducers and gearboxes can be used in various stages of paper production:

1. Pulping Process: The pulping process requires machines that can handle high torque to break down the raw materials into pulp. PEIGONG's robust gear reducers ensure these machines operate at the optimal speed and torque.

2. Paper Making: During the paper-making process, the pulp needs to be spread evenly and smoothly onto the paper machine's wire mesh. This requires precise speed control, which is achieved using PEIGONG's precision gearboxes.

3. Rolling and Cutting: The final stages of paper production involve rolling the paper into large rolls and cutting it to the desired size. PEIGONG's gear reducers ensure these processes are carried out smoothly and accurately, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

In conclusion, PEIGONG's gear reducers and gearboxes play a pivotal role in the paper industry, enhancing productivity, improving product quality, and promoting energy efficiency. By investing in these high-quality transmission solutions, paper manufacturers can ensure their operations run smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


  • LI-XIANG stands for quality, innovative solutions, and highly efficient processes, with which we offer our customers real value gear reducer products.
  • Our employees are able to implement our quality principles in our work and products through a uniform quality standard.
  • LI-XIANG engineers are market focused process experts, and they have years of experience working with global companies.
  • Our focus on gear reducer extends to our quality first responsibilities and meets industries highest standards.

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